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in the republican party. his book " immigration wars" makes the point that immigration is vital for america's future and the right thing to do. immigration is not just a policy issue for governor bush, it is part of his family's heritage for his wife of nearly 40 years, colombo, was born in mexico and they are the proud parents of four children and his family is the new american family. the thing that really sets jeb ash apart is that he is conservative that stands for something, not just against it. as jack kemp once said -- our appeal of boundless opportunity crosses every area of geography, race, and belief. we may not every vote we will speak to every heart. in word and action, we will represent our entire american family. each day, governor bush does just that and he looks ahead to what can be done to improve people's lives, preserve freedom and how we as a nation can grow our economy and strengthen our democracy and do it all by working together. that's a noble mission and once a deserving of recognition at anytime but especially right now. iq, governor, for being a positive force for good. sp
of those include immigration and energy. it is moderated by valerie jarrett. [applause] >> good morning, everyone. secretary lew, secretary pritzker, thank you so much for your very excellent remarks. and i want to thank both of them for their leadership. they have been outstanding, particularly for the subject matter that we have before us these next two days. i know that their insights, particularly as it applies to the business community, are very valuable to all of us that are joining us today. we're off to a great start to what promises to be a great conference with a packed agenda. thanks to all of you who have come great distances to be with us today. i am very pleased to announce our first panel, which is entitled why select the usa?: perspectives on investing and operating in the united states. this is going to be a very informative and valuable discussion and it is also my pleasure to introduce the moderator of this panel, an important member of president obama's white house team, valerie jarrett is a senior advisor to the president and a long-time confidant of the president.
? guest: we will continue to focus on the impacts of sequester and immigration reform being an important element of economic growth for the future. we are focusing on housing issues going forward and we have a major effort under way in governance and democracy. so a lot going on and very active organization for a young new organization. host: see all that work at ipartisanpolicy.organize [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] >> the senate debated a ban on the lgbt community in employment. we will talk to the policy director at the gay rights group and hear from the chairman of the latino coalition on immigration legislation in congress and a conversation on the role of third parties in american politics with a political science professor. watch "washington journal" at 7:00 a.m. eastern time. and today johnson and johnson greed to pay $2 billion to resolve that they approved psychiatric drugs. ey are accused of paying kickbacks to pharmacists and doctors. attorney general holder announced the decision today at the
. barack obama wants to pass immigration reform. he wants to have a strong infrastructure bill. he's offered a deal, compromise that would combine long-term corporate tax reform and infrastructure investment as a pro-growth, pro-jobs grand bargain your he has many, many priorities he wants, and none of them in our system can get through without the cooperation of the republicans in the united states congress. that is the leverage that is given the minority party in our government. that is the leverage that is given even if you control even one house. and so in 1997 when we did the balanced budget agreement and i was one of the negotiators, we just had the white house and they have both houses of congress. but, of course, we have leverage over each other. if they wanted the medicare savings they wanted, that they want to lower the capital gains, they had to get bill clinton to change his position. if we're going to get the children's health initiative, the hope scholarship, investment funding for education, we have to get their cooperation. that is the mutual leverage that leads to
of italian. my grandparents immigrated in the 1900s. my father, our name was -- i had gone back to thee little village. my mother is czechoslovakian. they were born here. both parents migrated to america. both of them ended up in the coal fields. both grandparents had stores. my father when he got out of the service started a furniture store in farmington. we grew up in the retail business. it is retail. it is retail politics. it is simply knowing who your customer is and made sure they are satisfied. you give the product with a good value and great service. you live and die by the satisfaction of your customers. i put in same approach to government. i've been bit -- i've been in business since i was 10 years old. i have learned this. they really were the ones, my mother and father and grandparents, is who i am. i'm a product of my environment. we grew up in an area that we had tracks, the railroad tracks ran. we had a buffalo creek. all those little kids living between that, every time a train came, my grandmother went insane. what she did not know is we would ride the train. it would
immigration reform done. immigration reform will reduce the deficit by nearly $850 billion over the first 20 years and it will grow the economy by $1.4 trillion over 20 years, which adds 5.4% to the gdp by 2033. it has broad bipartisan support from democrats and republicans, labor leaders, law enforcement, and faith leaders. the president is willing to work with the blonde both sides of the aisle to get things done. it is good for business. it is good for our economy as a whole am i and it is the right thing to do. we believe it is time for the house to follow the senate and take action. secondly, as you are already as early as this evening a-15,enate may vote on s which would place into law a comprehensive and lasting protections against employment discrimination based on sexual or gender identity. you may have seen the op-ed in the huffington post calling upon the president can sign it into law. we encourage lawmakers to act on this important legislation. because in america, who you are and who you love should never be a fireable offense. a qualified worker should not fear being fired from
representing the fourth congressional district chair of the congressional hispanic caucus immigration task force and leader in effort to pursue comprehensive immigration reform. in addition he serves on the house judiciary committee and the house permanent select committee on intelligence. congressman gutierrez thank you for joining us today. >> thank you chairman durbin and ranking member cruz thank you for the opportunity to testify on this important issue. asked in my condolences to the families who have lost loved ones. ms. fulton and ms. mike that i am deeply sorry for your loss and i appreciate a presence here today. as one dad to another i said to mr. martin that i too feel your pain and thank you for being here. as a parent i was shocked by the death of trayvon martin and the fact that no one was even arrested after it happened and unarmed teenager was pursued by an armed adult in the neighborhood where he was in the neighborhood and no one was convicted of a crime. i respect the verdict in the judicial process but a deep concerns about the expansion of self-defense laws the prolif
for all of us. another effort that would be good for our pocket book is immigration reform. on the most basic level we all know that the system is broken and needs to be fixed. that's why last week the president once again called on congress to pass comprehensive reform. it's good for our country and it's good for the housing market. homeownership has long been viewed as part of the american dream. one of the outcomes of fixing our broken system is a stronger housing marketplace. from 2000-2010, immigrants accounted for almost 40% of new homeowners nationwide. that's a lot of demand for your products and services. so expanding the circle of opportunity for those who are ready to own creates incredible benefits. the president stressed that it's in all of our interest to get this done. so let's do it now. it's also in our interest to shape an environment that encourages good lenders to get the quality products to credit where the families. unfortunately, as you know better than anyone, and as dave talked about, one of the major obstacles that's blocking a full housing recovery is regulato
guess i isticularly appreciate because i am the son of immigrants. daughter,ur the son, grandchildren of immigrants. that story we know well. my parents came to this country in the early 1930's. we had very little money, knew very little english, few skills. islandme through ellis and managed to make their way to my hometown of monterey. why did he travel all of that distance leaving poverty in the area of italy they came from? why would you leave all that to come to a strange land? said to me it was because your mother and i believed we could give our children a better life. that is the american dream. but is what we want for our children and hopefully our children will want for there is. streams are just dreams. as my father used to say. unless you are willing to work for it and sacrifice, unless you are willing to take risk and willing to fight for what you believe in. those are the values that they passed on to me. they had to make their way in a strange society. my dad decided to start a restaurant in downtown monterey during the war years, tough times. my parents believe that ch
of immigrants who witnessed firsthand the bigotry that targeted italian-americans and he overcame the taunts and the stereotypes to achieve elected office and to assume the most powerful roles in the executive branch of government. in the nixon and ministration, -- in the nixon administration, he led a memorable battle for school integration. he faced down a government intent on trying to stop busing despite a unanimous supreme court decision that schools must be integrated. decision a gut level and chose to stand up for what he thought was right. in spite of the risks to his own career. that story did not end well for him. he was forced to resign. secretary panetta led the pentagon's repeal of don't ask don't tell policy, which had barred gays and lesbians from serving openly. he made history by extending military benefits to same-sex couples. one of his final acts before leaving the pentagon was to rescind the ban on women serving in combat. last vestige of rules barring servicewomen from serving in combat and it paves the way for the largest expansion of their role on the front lines. pan
discussed the state of the global economy and called on congress to pass an immigration bill, reform the tax code, and replace across-the-board spending cuts note a sequestration. this portion of the conference is 15 minutes. >> thank you for that very kind introduction. it is great to be with you this morning. i want to thank the commerce department for hosting the first select usa summit i'm here with a very simple message. we do not take investment in the united states progress ted -- for granted. it is important for our prosperity. in our increasingly global economy, the united states cannot settle for the status quo. that's why president obama made fueling america's competitiveness the cornerstone of his economic policies. our economy is the largest in the world and looking to the future, we need to make it stronger by improving worker training and education, upgrading our infrastructure, and growing our manufacturing base. the truth is, there are additional things we can add and do to make america even stronger as a magnet for investment. before talking about what make ours economy suc
for health care. and congressman jeff talking about immigration reform and why he'll join democrats in cosponsoring a plan that give mlts of unauthorized immigrants to obtain citizenship. plus your e-mails, calls, and tweets. live at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. >>> friday a look at the role of the international atomic energy agency with iaea chief speaking at the event host bid the wilson center. live coverage at 11: 30 a.m. eastern on c-span. >>> this painting was originally painted as my grandmother's official white house portrait. in the 1960s, lady bird johnson went looking for portraits of first ladies to hang to rehang in the white house. she thought that was important. and she looked high and low and couldn't find my grandma's official portrait and called my grandmother. he said do you know where the painting is? my grandma said, yeah, it's on my wall. mrs. johnson said, said you shouldn't have that it belongs in the white house. my grandmother said no. it's on my painting. it's on my wall it's going stay. i think she tried a couple of times. watch our program on our first l
to sign up for healthcare. and then california congressman jeff denham talks about immigration reform and why he will join democrats in co-sponsoring a plan to give immigrants the chance to attain citizenship plus your emails, phone calls an tweets. ive at 7:00 eastern on c-span. >> john foster dulles had recently died when that airport was being recently built and president eisenhower announced it would be named dulles airport. after kennedy took over, he did not want to name it after him. finally the decision was made to name it after dulles. you can still see the film clip of kennedy opening the airport with eisenhower there and alan dulles there and he pulls back the curtain and behind the curtain is this giant bust of john foster dulles and that stands in the middle of this big airport. i went to see it while i was writing this book and i could no not find. i started asking the security guards where is the big bust of dulles. nobody had even heard of it. it was a long process and thanks to the airport authority, i discovered that the bust had been taken away from the middle of th
to pass the immigration bill, reform the tax code, and replace across-the-board spending cuts none of sequestration. introduced by commerce secretary this is a half-hour. >> the first-ever select u.s.a. senate meeting. as you may have heard, we are sold out with 1200 attendees. business leaders from 58 countries and across the united states are here today. a warm welcome to all of you from all of us in the obama administration. let me be clear -- [applause] let me be clear, this summit is about you. it is all about business. it is all about connecting investors with communities. let me start with the story. when the select usa program was just starting out, an austrian company that makes auto parts was considering investing more in the united states. we went into action. the commerce department's vienna staff counsel the company on how to successfully established a new plan in the united states. the u.s. ambassador in austria met with the company's leaders. we connected a company with the state-level leaders that they wanted to me to. as a result, over the past year, the company ha
, and then congressman jeff denham talks about immigration reform and why he will join democrats in cosponsoring a plan that will give millions of unauthorized immigrants the chance to obtain citizenship. >> this is a tough time for in a say where everyone says what are you doing or why are you doing it. actuallyet together we say it is much more important that we defendy this nation and take the beatings than it is to give up this program that would result in this nation being attacked. we would rather be here in front of you today telling you why we thended these programs giving them up and having our nation and our allies being attacked and people killed. >> intelligence officials defend the nsa surveillance program at an intelligence hearing. sunday, your comments .or kitty kelly that is at noon on book tv. tv,on american history remembering john f. kennedy. accounts of kennedy possis assassination. kennedy's assassination. >> this was originally painted as my grandmother's official white house orchard. in the 1960s lady bird johnson went looking for portraits of first ladies to rehabbing in the wh
, infrastructure and education. second, congress should finish comprehensive immigration reform and send a bill to the president for his signature. the senate has already passed bipartisan legislation and it's awaiting passage in the house of representatives. this immigration legislation would strengthen our borders, chart a path to earned citizenship and increase economic growth by more than $1 trillion. it drives growth by attracting highly skilled scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs to our country. it will bring greater investment in the united states from beyond our shores, create new job opportunities, ignite new consumer demand and spark business activity. it would do all of this while increasing payroll tax revenue that would reduce our deficit and put social security and medicare in a more stable footing. another bipartisan bill that can strengthen our economy is the farm bill. bipartisan legislation that's passed the senate is designed to protect america's farmers, ranchers and provide a safety net for america's most vulnerable children. the farm bill conferees have an opportunity
you were a senator. many immigrants know that the american dream is not restricted to those born in america. go to miami, chicago, san francisco, any major city in america, you will find a community that speaks your language and understand your culture and welcomes diversity and can serve as an anchor for your next venture. it is not just the big cities. you heard it from secretary pritzker and president obama. success stories. and upstate new york. singapore companies extending their supply chain to texas. german multinationals creating jobs in small towns in kentucky. in suburban south african energy firms investing in southwest louisiana . that is not in the future, that is now. there is no question that the united states is lucky to be bestto offer the world's climate today. made it clear that we are going to work at it even harder. it is about the future. we will refuse to sit still. a world is getting more competitive, but so are we. chases capital. i'm confident we will continue to get stronger and be more effective. reason why.s a big as you heard yesterday and d
to bring a rain students here to the united states, but let's be honest, this is more an immigration policy been primarily a people to people exchange. and so we have some reason, including we don't have reasons for our suspicions, we didn't act very slow. and so in particular because of the mutual suspicion between iran and the united states i should think any progress towards were approachment is likely to come at a labored pace. so i am -- i'm an optimist in life and help much can happen both from the nuclear impasse and on these people to people talks but folks, we're pushing a very heavy rock up a very steep hill. [applause] >> thank you, doctor clawson to our speaker will be doctor hooshang amirahmadi, rutgers university press and founder and president of the american iranian council. [applause] >> first, welcome and good afternoon. i want to first take this opportunity to thank all of you, and john, the people have done this. i'm very honored to say i'm very fortunate to have these young division behind its activities. and that we move forward, i'm hoping at one point they take the l
, and that would be to pass the comprehensive immigration bill in the house of representatives. that would accomplish a lot of the goals of this committee, and we simply need a vote to make it happen. i hope we look at all possibilities before us for growing our economy and reducing the long term deficit. thank you. >> thank you. next we'll hear from the ranking member of the senate budget committee, senator sessions. >> thank you. >> [inaudible] >> thank you. in this room are some of the most knowledgeable people in our congress, really, in our nation in the challenges we face economically and with budget and debt, and i believe that we can make some progress as this committee goes forward. the purpose of the budget is to develop a financial plan for the future of america. it's not easy, and our differences are real, and it's difficult to bridge them, but there's actions which we can take that we agree on to improve the financial standing of america and economic growth. it's important that we work at it and the regular process of a budget conference committee is a positive development for
, immigration task force and leader in an effort to pursue comprehensive immigration reform. he serves on the house judiciary committee. thank you for joining us today. >> thank you, chairman durbin and ranking member cruz. thank you for the opportunity to testify on this extremely important issue. , i extend my condolences to the families who lost loved ones. ms. fulton and ms. mcbeth, i am deeply sorry for your loss, and i appreciate your presence here today, and as one dad to another, i say to mr. martin that i, too, feel your pain and thank you for being here. as a parent, i was shocked by the death of trayvon martin, and the fact that no one was even arrested after it happened. an unarmed teenager was pursued by an armed adult in the neighborhood where he was staying, shot to death, and nobody was convicted of a crime. i respect the verdict and the judicial process, but i have deep concerns about the expansion of self-defense laws, the proliferation of guns, the weakening of gun laws and how this affects public safety. the case of trayvon martin, like sandy hook massacre, should h
insurance and reforming our immigration system. and that means eliminating uncertainty so that credit can go to millions of buyers who are ready to own. it means finally getting housing finance reform done to insure that a crisis like this never happens again. all of these components can help shape a solid foundation for the future. now we've got to make it happen. despite all that's occurred here if many washington recently and in -- in washington recently and in our economy over the past five years, i still believe we can get big things done in this country. we can make the housing market work for both the industry and consumers. we can shape a better and stronger america for all. and i look forward to working with the mortgage bankers association to make these goals a reality. thank you. thank you, mba, and congratulations on your hundred-year anniversary. thank you. [applause] >> please give a warm welcome to indiecom's president of financial services, rajan nehr. [applause] ♪ ♪ >> thank you, secretary donovan. good morning, everyone. we are pleased to sponsor this morning's session
a comprehensive immigration bill that would accomplish a lot of the goals in this committee that we simply need a vote to make it happen and i hope that we will look at all the possibilities with reducing our long-term deficit. and i think you. >> next up, we will hear from the ranking member of the senate budget committee, senator sessions. [inaudible conversations] >> thank you. and this room the people in our congress and our nation and the challenges that we face with a budget the budget and that, i believe that we can make some progress as the committee goes forward. the purpose of a budget is without a financial planner in the future of america is that it's not easy and our differences are real and it's difficult to bridge them, but their actions which we can take that we can agree on that will improve the financial standing of america and economic growth. so it is important that we work at it and i think the process of this is a positive development for sure. my colleague, ron johnson, is a successful businessman and he has told us if you want to develop a strategic plan, the first thin
bipartisan support than you would think is comprehensive immigration reform which would increase the need for skilled labor that many people say is critical to their location decisions. so this is a very, very top priority of the president as is making sure our training programs are more demand driven, that we're working with you and community colleges so if you want to locate here, that there's someone who says if you're a little unsure whether there's a particular skill need that may not be met in a particular location, that we will work with you to make sure there is a training program, a partnership that works for you. that's one area. the second area which the president's put out is to have what he calls kind of a grand bargain on jobs where you would lower the corporate tax rate, have a lower corporate tax rate and at the same time use some of the one-time funds to strengthen our infrastructure so that your supply chains can move more quickly. so these are important components we have to do and, obviously, the third one is that we have to give -- and we fight very hard on -- a great
-partisan. it's a bipartisan organization. we take on major housing fiscal issues, immigration recently, health issues a number of issues that we bring together. a lot of former members of congress as they try to find some common, reasoned approach to these difficulty issues that divide the country. >> bill hoagland is senior vice president at the bipartisan policy center. worked as former republican staff director of the senate budget committee from 1986 to 2003. he is here to answer your questions on this subject of budget conference, these continuing budget talks on capitol hill. we'll go to lee from eugene, oregon on the line for democrats this morning. lee, you're on with bill hoagland. >> caller: thank you very much. i always appreciated the work of the bipartisan policy center. but i must say in this tragic time right now moderates in both parties are not being heard. choices t, things we're suggestg to the leaders, and i know this specifically and i contacted patty murray's office four different times this year and have yet to get a response at all from anything. i have sent suggestions
house in order, getting immigration reform done, and getting these things on trade through our congress, starting with trade promotion authority, which every president has had since 1974. but tpp, t-tip, to make sure we are at the center of this network of agreements, together with our legal system, our education system, our access to energy, could make this a platform that every country around the world wants to be in. that is a great potential for the united states economy and fridge operation and growth at home. >> thanks for these thoughts. [applause] >> we will discuss nsa surveillance programs in the us allen.oad with michael the recommendations to tighten policies on pain killers. meier.joined by barry tom bilsack is our guest on "newsmakers". the house version of the bill calls for cuts to the food stamp program over the next decade. tomh the interview with vilsack on c-span. asthis painting was painted my grandmother's portrait. bird johnsons, lady looked for portraits to rehang in the white house. she could not find my grandmother's painting was. my grandmother said it was on
. but let's be honest, this is war and immigration policy, or merely people to people exchange. so we don't have reasons for suspicion. and so in particular, because of the mutual suspicions between iran and the united states, i think any progress pers rapprochement is likely to come in a later case. i'm an optimist and i hope it can happen both of the nuclear impasse. the folks are pushing a very heavy rock up a hill. [applause] >> thank you, dr. clawson. our third speaker will be set up to, founder and president of the american iranian council. [applause] >> first, welcome and good afternoon. i want first to take this opportunity to thank you, mr. clawson and john and kayvon and the people who had done this. i'm very fortunate to have the behind these activities. i am hoping that one point they take the leadership of organizations back and i'm sure they will. [inaudible] >> you don't hear that? [inaudible] spin out okay, shout. i'm sorry. i was just saying that i'm honored to have these young people, rouhani, john and away the behind this work, these young people that hopefully in the n
issues. i never talk about immigration reform, i've never talked about same-sex marriage or pro-choice or pro-life or anything like that in the decade plus that i've been praying and i wouldn't be addressing partisan issues so i pray as we said earlier out of the overflow of my devotional life and pastoral outreach not to bring issues to the floor in my intercession. >> what is your favorite part about being chaplain? >> my favorite part about being the 62nd chaplain of the united states senate is that it provides me with a front row seat to human history. there's more written about the legislative branch of government in our constitution than any other branch and i have the privilege of having a front row seat to the legislative process. i think most people are not so much afraid of dying as they are never having truly lived. anyone who has a front row seat to human history can shuffle off of this coil absolutely certain that he or she has truly lived. >> and have seen it with our own eyes. you're great power on our behalf what our ancestors told us about you, how you kept them
always, always stood as the land of opportunity. the new homes sought by immigrants from europe and from around the world, risking life and limb for personal freedom and economic progress. it seems that the ancient european capitals now offer young people more hope, a better chance at upward mobility than our failing economy. that must change. the jobless youth don't belong exclusively to any class, race or gender. this problem does not discriminate. nearly one in four african-american youth are unemployed. while the unemployment rate for young latinos in september was 15.8%. young men are employed at a rate of over 17% when nearly 13% of young women are out of work." washington monthly" recently discussed the long-term impact of joblessness on our youth. the consequences are dire for these young americans, the publication noted. they are not only more likely to have a hard time in the job market, researchers have found that disconnection has scarring effects on health and happiness that endure throughout a lifetime. unemployed, uneducated youth are at greater risk for criminality and in
immigration reform done starting with trade promotion authority which has reminded me every president had since 1994 but also ttp and tpip to make sure that we are at the center of the network of agreements. together with our legal system and education system, our access to energy to make this really the driver of the exports, the platform that every company around the world wants to be. that to me is a great potential for the united states economy and for job creation and growth here at home. >> with that we will close down. thank you for all of these thoughts. well done. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] we will have highlights of the conference on sunday at about 2:30 eastern. also our web site, has all of the panels covered over the last two days and you can watch of those any time. a live picture of the white house on this friday where today president obama will be meeting with the iraqi prime minister nori al maliki to discuss the framework agreement and a number of regional issues. we will bring at a summit meeting as the ocher. coming up later this mor
, divorce proceeding, criminal proceedings, immigration proceedings, or any other kind of legal process? i don't know who wants to take that, maybe doj. brad? >> is a record that the companies keep for some period of time now, and they can be obtained as patty mentioned thread nsl or grand jury subpoena whatever. they don't enjoy fourth dynamic protection. but -- fourth amendment protection for as long as you require companies to keep them then that david has been kept by a company for a longer time. so if you create a five year period, and that's information that is available and can be subpoenaed, private lawyers can subpoena the data. i mean, the data is not, it's not private in that sense but to the extent people have concerns about the data being held with the help of a grid of time by the private sector to record. so that's at least conceivably concern for the. >> once the bid is destroyed by the company come of course it's not available, which is on the privacy side, a good thing because hackers can't get into it. and as you indicated in your question, it couldn't be used for other
now with manufacturing, we need do things like the immigration imi bill to actually help the economy move forward. i think this farm bill is the first chance, the first opportunity sthoa that out of this chaos came something positive. it is a five-year farm bill. it has worked in the past. it brings the debt down by $24 billion. it's a bipartisan bill. let's show the people of america that we mean business about work across the aisle. madam president, i also would like to say -- i see my colleague is here from tennessee. i just had about three minutes more on a very different topic, and that is the nomination of patty millett to the d.c. circuit court. in the past few weeks we have sommade some progress. patty millett would make an excellent addition to the court in the d.c. circuit, and i urge my colleagues to vote for cloture on to confirm her without delay. patty millett has extensive experience. she previously served 15 years as an attorney in the appellate staff of the u.s. department of justice civil division and then as an assistant to the solicitor general. she has argued 32
bill to the immigration bill to the debate over syria, to an october i'm sure he'll not soon forget. he's had to work out of a temporary office complete with vinyl siding and plastic chairs. he was here for less than an hour before having to take his first vote. he's had to deal with 99 senators pronouncing his name 99 different ways. and one of our colleagues from arizona threatened to -- quote -- "waterboard" the senator if he didn't support a particular bill. well, i haven't asked how that situation ended up working out, but i see the senator from new jersey is still here. bottom line -- senator chiesa is going to have quite a few stories for his family, for his wife, ginny, and his kids al and hannah. i know he's eager to get back home to see them and catch up on some notre dame football, too. even though he tells us his rank is fourth out of four in the family pecking order. well, that's at least better than 100th out of 100. but senator chiesa has lent his -- hasn't let his lack of senate seniority stack in the way of pushing important issues. human trafficking was his focus as at
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